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Our treatment strategy for ants include identifying the type of ant, locating the ant colony and eliminating the queen. Some species of ants have a single queen, while others have multiple queens, so it’s essential for us to listen to our customers to understand the history and extent of the ant problem to set the best course of successful treatment.

Our ant treatment includes strategically placed baits, residual sprays and insecticide dust that are designed to work 3-6 months after application. 


Spiders can be a problem in many homes and offices as they enter through small cracks or openings in the structure and feed off any other insects that can find.

Our treatment includes applying the proper materials in the best locations that will eliminate their food source and removing spider webs on the exterior perimeter. Our successful methods can help reduce and control the spider population in and around your home.

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Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are approximately 1 inch long, black and yellow and work hard to make 3/8″ diameter holes in your deck or swing set. Although the males don’t have stingers, they are intimidating and territorial. They are also capable of causing significant damage to your wooden structures as they drill holes for creating nesting cavities to lay eggs.

We can help you with your Carpenter Bee problem so you can enjoy your backyard once again.

Bald Faced Hornets

The name of the Bald-Faced Hornet is deceiving because they are actually part of the yellow jacket family. They build paper nests that can grow quickly to the size of a volleyball or larger. The nests are typically located under the eave or overhang on buildings or in high or low tree branches. Bald-faced hornets can become very agitated, cause severe pain to people and pests and sting multiple times if provoked.

Our service includes successful treatment and removal of the nest to eliminate this pest problem.

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Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets typically build their nests in the ground or inside the cavities of a building. Requests for treatment often occur near the end of summer when people notice yellow jacket activity near an entryway or when the insects begin to enter their home through small openings in the walls or ceiling. This can quickly become a concern if there are small children or someone that is allergic to stinging insect in the home.

Blocking their entry on the outside of the building prior to treatment is not recommended! This only makes treatment more difficult and has the potential to force more yellow jackets inside the home.

Our yellow jacket treatment includes inspection of the area and application of residual sprays and dust. It can sometimes be difficult to determine the size of the nest until it is treated. Some nests can be very large with up to 4,000 workers at its peak. If you have problems with yellow jackets, please give us a call and we are happy to help.

Paper Wasps

Common paper wasps make a single-layered paper comb that is exposed and not enclosed in an envelope like the bald-faced hornet nest.  Paper wasp nests can be located in almost any place that provides a protective, undisturbed shelter for these insects. 

Paper wasps can become just as aggressive as yellow jackets, but the number of individuals per colony is much smaller.  Our service includes removal and treatment of the nest to eliminate this pest problem.

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Honey Bees

If a honey bee colony is located inside a structure, or if a swarm of honey bees are found outside a structure, it is important the bees are not treated with an insecticide.  Honey bees are beneficial pollinators that should be preserved whenever possible.  Also, if a honey bee colony is treated with an insecticide, the remaining honey comb will often times cause additional problems for the homeowner, if it is not removed from the structure.

Best Pest Control, Inc. works with local bee keepers who are able to help in the process of removing and relocating honey bee colonies, or swarms, when this service is needed.  If you are having problems with honey bees, please give us a call BEFORE attempting any self treatment, and we would be glad to review removal options with you.


As the temperatures become cooler, mice are looking for a warm place to settle in for the winter. Our mice service includes a thorough inspection of your home to locate entry points and sealing of small exterior openings in the structure. To eliminate any mice which have already entered the home, we use a combination of trapping and baiting techniques.

Our top priority is always the safety of any children and pets that may be in the home, and we use tamper-resistant bait stations and strategically place traps in areas that are inaccessible to children and pets. If you are having problems with mice in your home or office, give us a call today so we can help solve this problem for you.

Rats can be a particular nuisance around dumpsters for commercial customers. When treating for rats it’s important to have a thorough inspection in order to identify the location of their burrows. After this identification has been made, the proper materials and equipment will be used to eliminate their population.

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The most common cockroach we encounter in living spaces around the Chicago area is the German cockroach. These pests are pale to medium brown in color, and the adults are typically ½” to 5/8” long. German cockroaches are usually found in the kitchen and bathroom areas of the home. However, if there is a heavy infestation, they may also be found in other living areas. If conditions are ideal for the cockroach with heat, moisture, and an available food source, German cockroaches are capable of quickly multiplying to create an infestation. To prevent this from occurring, it is important to start treatment as soon as this pest is observed in your home or office.

Our service for German cockroaches includes a thorough inspection to locate possible hiding areas. Depending on the circumstances encountered, we carefully and strategically apply a combination of baits, residual sprays and insecticide dust to eliminate this pest. We can also add additional products in our spray treatment that prevents the young cockroaches from becoming adults capable of reproducing. This helps to break the life cycle of the cockroach and consequently stops them from being a pest in your home! Our treatments have a residual effect that last 3 to 6 months after the materials have been applied. This allows for continuous elimination of the pest long after we leave.

Bed Bugs

 Reports of bed bug activity has dramatically increased over the years, and proper inspection, preparations and treatment are essential in eliminating bed bugs from your home. Our multi-level approach consists of three treatments spaced 10-14 days apart and includes monitoring and detailed service reports to record progress. 

If you suspect or have found bed bugs in your home seek professional service from a licensed and insured pest specialist who is a member from at least one professional organization such as NPMA or GCPMA. Working with a company that is current on the latest laws and techniques will provide the best chance of a successful outcome when treating for bed bugs.

If you aren’t certain you have bed bugs, start with an inspection. Low level bed bug populations can be very difficult to detect. An experienced pest management professional will know the most likely places to find them and can identify the signs of an infestation. Seek service from a licensed pest management professional as soon as possible. Bed bugs do not go away on their own! An impregnated female bed bug can lay up to 5 eggs per day. Resist using store-bought materials until you know the scope of infestation. Store bought materials can be very counter-productive and make a professional treatment process much more difficult.

When comparing quotes from different companies, don’t just compare the price. Ask about the treatment methods and what is included with the service. Treating for bed bugs is very labor intensive work that should be performed by someone who is skilled in this field and understands the bed bug life cycle. This service is not usually performed well by the lowest bidder. Work with someone you trust and feel comfortable having in your home. They will most likely be spending a number of hours in your house over the course of multiple visits. Give us a call to discuss your particular situation. We are here to help walk alongside you during the treatment process.

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Pest Control Service Process

Our quality service begins at the first contact with our valued customers. We take the time to talk with you, schedule appointments, prepare notes and set up your treatment plan for success. Our service appointments include thorough exterior and interior inspections and tailored pest control treatment for each situation. We finish up our service with an emailed detailed report of every material used on your property and service notes. In short, we are your pest control Advocates!

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Thorough inspection surrounding the pest problem area is necessary to evaluate all possible points of entry, the scale of the infestation and the best way to attack them.

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Whether it’s ants, stinging insects, flies, spiders, roaches, bed bugs or mice – proper identification directs the most effective method of treatment.

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The combination of our successfully proven treatment method and strategically chosen EPA-approved materials make us the Best Pest Control.

From the Field

No two pest situations are alike, and we look forward to the challenge of each new day in the field. For pest control service –  Contact Best Pest Control!

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Another great Yelp find. Tom was very quick to respond to my inquiry and was able to come to my house within a couple of days. He was knowledgeable about the ant problem, and thoroughly explained the treatment plan he was using. It has only been about a week since the treatment but there is already a tremendous improvement to our ant problem. Thanks for the great service, Tom!

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I would like to share my experience with this company. I think they do an amazing job when it comes to customer service, onsite service, and answering all the questions. Tom was very professional and informative.  I was very happy with the service and I would highly recommend this company.

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